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Does my European car need a specialist for service?

European cars are designed and built with distinctive craftsmanship and finely tuned engines, requiring a high level of specialised knowledge to service or maintain them to the standards they deserve. Cutting edge technologies often found in Euro or Luxury vehicles require cutting edge expertise.

Dufty Automotive Services have the knowledge and expertise to perform repairs, diagnostics and service on all European and Luxury vehicles including Alfa Romeo - Audi - BMW - Citroen - Ferrari - Fiat - Land Rover - Mercedes Benz - Mini Cooper - Peugeot - Lexus - Porsche - Volvo and many more right here in our Leumeah workshop.

We are members of the Repco Auto-Tech training program - Australia's leading provider of automotive technical training and information, so you can rest assured that Dufty Automotive Services are fully versed with all modern vehicle servicing techniques. Through the Auto-Tech encyclopedia and Smart-Quote programs Dufty Automotive Services have constant access to the current service schedules for all Euro and Luxury makes and models.

We definitely have the expertise and technology needed to service and repair a full range of European and Luxury vehicles right here in Leumeah but unlike some fancy specialist centres we don't limit ourselves to only servicing luxury vehicles. We can service anything from an old Holden through to even the newest of smart cars. Because we are members of Repco Auto-tech we are constantly trained and have access to the diagnostic information of tens of thousands of vehicle models.

Our expert, fully qualified technicians know exactly how to maintain the care of all Luxury and European Vehicles, from choosing the right quality parts through to using European car specific software for diagnosis.

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If you're looking for an Audi service, an experienced BMW mechanic or someone to help care for your Luxury investment with qualified European car expertise contact us or book a service today.

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